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Terms and Conditions of Business

Fees and Payments

All prices quoted for service offered by Bread And Butter Software Limited are exclusive of VAT, and are also exclusive of any travel and accomodation expenses. Wherever possible, any such expenses will be estimated and notified to you before they are incurred. Travel expenses would generally only be incurred if your business is located beyond a 30 mile distance from Lymington.


All payments to us must be made strictly within the period stipulated on the invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest on any late payments, and the delivery of your application may be delayed.


Software Licence Agreement

The Bread And Butter Software Licence Agreement is a separate document that does not apply to the text and graphical content of this site. It does, however, apply to the software that is provided through this site. To read this agreement, click here.


Our Double Guarantee Policy

We offer not just one guarantee, but two.


Our first guarantee is a Quality Assurance. If there are any faults with the software, we will fix the problem free of charge. This guarantee is for the lifetime of the software, and even applies to our free downloadable software.


Our second guarantee is a Satisfaction Assurance. We will do everything possible to ensure that you are totally happy with the software application that we supply, and that it meets the agreed specification. If after all of our efforts to achieve this, we are unable to do so, we will remove the application and refund any software fees paid.


Bread and Butter Software have been offering a Double Guarantee Policy since the parent company was founded in 1995, as a demonstration of our confidence in the quality of our products.