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We offer a number of ready-made free software applications for you to download. The main purpose of these applications is to demonstrate the type and quality of our software, whilst at the same time providing you with useful programs that you can keep, if you so wish.

Please note that our downloadable applications are all fully-functional and can be used without any restrictions. Unlike many organisations who provide poorly operating “trial” versions of their software, we put as much care and attention into our into free software as we do for our paid-for applications. How else can we demonstrate our commitment to quality?

Why do we offer them for free?  - Simple! If you use and like our applications, there is a good chance that you will ask us to provide you with a customised or extended version at some later stage.  Also, we do have a voluntary donation scheme, so that if you want to continue using the applications, you can pay us whatever you think they are worth!

If you like our software, why not register your downloaded application, and we will keep you in touch with updated versions and tell you about any new developments.

At present, we offer the following downloadable application:
Free downloads

Keep all of your confidential information and passwords securely in one place, protected by the 256 bit  Advanced Encryption Standard, and an innovative set of anti-tamper features.







Contact and address book for small business networks. Features call logging and callback reminders, to-do lists, mail merge, reporting and import/export.

Address book for home or office, with date reminders, to-do lists, mail merge and import/export. Works as a stand-alone or networked application.

A simple address book for home or office use. Includes personal information such as dietary requirements, photo gallery, birthday and anniversary reminders, and a simple import/export facility.


  Personal DataVault  .
Personal Address Book.
Business Address Book.
  Contact Manager     .

Other downloadable applications which will be coming soon: